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14×20″ Heavyweight 120lb semigloss Paper. Ships in tube.


14×20″ Heavyweight 120lb semigloss Paper. Ships in tube.


14×20″ Heavyweight 120lb semigloss Paper. Ships in tube.


14×20″ Heavyweight 120lb semigloss Paper. Ships in tube.


14×20″ Heavyweight 120lb semigloss Paper. Ships in tube.


14×20″ Heavyweight 120lb semigloss Paper. Ships in tube.


Why isn’t mental health the NUMBER ONE domestic issue?

Why isn’t mental health the NUMBER ONE domestic issue? Epidemic anxiety and depression. Most drug use is self medication, and now you get to add addiction to the insecurities that lead you down the dark path. I’ve had deaths like these hit too close to home for too long. Suicide, overdoses, hangings… DAMN IT. Our dollar chasing, star fucking culture has produced people who think they are what they DO. You have tremendous value as a person. Wether you succeed or fail in life isn’t about your career and your bank account. Its about love and the effect you have on other people. None of us are perfect. Far from it. Let’s try and love each other and stop crushing each other in the rush toward temporary treasures. Peace and love to all of you.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?
So, next week is the deadline to join us for the new mentoring session. Hundreds of you and your friends have watched the FREE WEBINAR HERE, but only the bravest and boldest have signed up! The discount code in the webinar is only good until this FRIDAY. Don’t miss the opportunity to level up in your art, business and life as a creative entrepreneur . Just remember, if you are mentoring yourself you are LOST.

My goal as a mentor is to help you maximize your success and growth. You can ask me anything you want during your mentoring term, and I won’t withhold any information or “secrets” that are impeding your progress. You’ll also have access to the private Facebook group, and the family of former participants to support you, answer questions, and collaborate with you in a safe environment.
Let me leave you with this final thought to help you with your decision…

“You become an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

Who are you spending your time with? Are they building you up or tearing you down?

I’m here for you, in your corner. LET’S DO THIS!



Session Info and Registration Page


Sign Me up For the TM Program!
$495.00 USD


Please email me with any questions or concerns, and take the time to read information and testimonials below. I look forward to helping you make real progress.

“The fastest way to narrow the gap between you and the artists you admire and respect is to have a mentor. Someone who is impartial, encouraging and honest. A person who is achieving the results you desire.”
~Keith Ciaramello, Tattooing 23 years

What does the program cover?

    •    Tattoo Theory – Single pass, layered color and Black and Grey.
    •    Art Theory – Color, Design/Composition, Values, Flow & Fit, Lines vs Edges and more…
    •    Shared Video Critiques – Photoshop paint overs on tattooing and other artwork submitted by the group. This feature has been a breakthrough for the participants over the last 5 years.
    •    Business Marketing and Promotion Strategies.
    •    Time, Money and Business Management Strategies.
    •    Customer Relations and the Art of the Consultation.
    •    Building a Clientele of Collectors, not Consumers.

*PLUS- Any other questions you have during the weekly conference calls!

 How will we do it?

Every week we will have a one hour video conference call. Any question on any topic is welcome. Art, tattooing, business management, employee issues, employer issues… I will do my best to help you though anything you ask during these calls.

Every week you will receive a video lesson on one or more of the topics listed above, plus assignments (when applicable) to work on during the week. Remember, we can address any questions you have about the weekly lesson during the conference call. Take notes!

The entire group will be members of a PRIVATE Facebook group where will communicate and support each other. After the session the members will be added to the MASTER group of all the prior members.

Lastly, you will be given FREE access to download and save my three best selling tattoo DVDs from my Keep It Real Series.

How much will it cost?

4 Skype coaching calls – $400 value
4-6 Video Seminar Lectures – $600 value
1 Personalized Video art review  -$150 value
3 Digital downloads of the Keep it Real tattoo series -$240 value

Total Value $1,390

You pay $495

Total savings of $895


“For me the Tattoo Mentor Class/Seminar was informative and one of the greatest experiences I have had. I am a self taught tattoo artist. I have been tattooing for 24 years,10 years professionally. I went from shop to shop asking for an apprenticeship and everyone laughed at me. Flash forward 23 years later, and an opportunity came up to take the Tattoo Mentor program. I did not  hesitate. I knew this was my opportunity to learn some much needed skills. I knew about Keith as a tattoo artist, and an artist, so I knew I would not be disappointed. I have taken many seminars and none of them even came close to giving me the information Keith has given me though mentoring. …I am in debt to him for life.   Thank you Keith!”

Pete St. Marseille
4 Life Ink Tattoos

I was really excited when I got my email saying that I was going to be apart of the tattoo mentor program. I have been at a point in my tattooing for a while now, where I needed a different perspective on my tattooing.

…the photoshop tips were really helpful. I had very little experience in photoshop and it definitely helped. Having Keith looking at my tattoos was the biggest help. He noticed things that I would have usually overlooked, like a certain amount of consistency that was called for. He also showed me some new things that I could apply to future tattoos. Such as, creating enough contrast in the tattoo to have better contrast with the skin tone on the outside.

I feel it was a good experience to have. It has given me a lot to think about for my career. What I need to start doing and how I need to apply myself. I hit a place of complacence and I need to work my way out of it. Thank you for the teachings, I will put them to good use.

Joe Mackenzie
Way of Ink Tattoos

“We’ve carried Keith Ciaramello’s instructional DVDs since the early days of Tattoo Education and they’ve always been a mainstay among our respected educational products, and have always had very positive feedback from artists of all experience levels who are seeking to expand their skills in realism tattooing. We look forward to seeing all the new material that he is producing under the Tattoo Mentor series.”

Guy Aitchison, tattooist since 1988

“In the few years that I have personally known Keith, he has proven himself to be one of the most passionate, straight-talking, informative, and multi-skilled artists I have ever encountered. His understanding of not only the history of tattooing and illustration, but the science behind it, paired with the willingness to share this knowledge, has made him one of the most sought after tattooists in North America. He constantly strives to pull the best art out of young up-and-coming artists, as he does the same for himself, and his art.”

Jason Edmiston, Illustrator, Toronto

“Talented, driven, dedicated, always striving to improve, these are some of the immediate things that come to mind when I think of Keith.
The first time we met, on his own time, he brought some young artists to visit my studio ,his enthusiasm was contagious and we became fast friends.
This desire to inform others and share knowledge are what help Keith stand apart in today’s competitive cutthroat art and tattoo industry.
Mark Garro, Fine art painter, Visionary, Pop-Surrealist

“I have known Keith since 2004 and without a doubt he has been one of the greatest artistic influences in my life.  There are many amazing artists but few who can educate effectively. The saying, ‘Those who can’t, teach’ certainly does not apply to Keith and I am proud to know him on a professional and personal level.”

Scot Winskye
Inkwell Tattoo

“We hosted a workshop that Keith put together and was the lead instructor for. He is an outstanding educator because he knows his craft and he knows the makeup and personality types through all layers of the tattoo industry, both artists and customers. In short, he has the goods and he can relate. As director of an art school, those are the main qualities I’m looking for in anyone who is going to take center stage and teach. Keith is a true professional in the best sense of that word.”

Rob Zeller
Director, the Teaching Studios of Art


The Session Starts October 25, 2016

Sign Me up For the TM Program!
$495.00 USD

The DARKSIDE (and the light side)…

Hope all is well. I know your busy but, I wanted to pick your brain about a painting I’m working on. Its in the beginning stages, in oils. I’m sending a photo of the refrence as well. My main concern is about the shadows on the side of the helmet. I value your opinion and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you


Looks really nice! Be careful of your light source, and the separation of the light and dark side (no pun intended) of the object. The red circles represent a simply lit sphere over the object. Nothing in the dark side should have any high key values from the light side. Look at the color samples lifted from the reference. the brightest colors on the dark side are the medium dark colors from the light side. The large image is just a layer on top with a quick airbrush pass to knock those values back. I know you can do it way more controlled in paint.
Hope this helps,


Chad Sinkhorn Interviewed!

I was introduced to Chad Sinkhorn years ago by Scot Winskye. I’ve always been impressed with his artwork, but it doesn’t stop there. Chad has always been ambitious and progressive. Always ready to try the newest advancements in tattooing, he has an open mind and a willingness to take chances on new tools and technology. A few years ago he impressed many in the tattoo community by holding his first tattoo convention.

Photoshop Tutorial Available NOW!

Just finished up a new download on creating a design from idea to stencil using Photoshop, Cintiq, Original and stock photography. Lastly we output the stencil with the Brother PJ Laserjet.

Get it HERE

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***Tattoo Cartridge Review Disclaimer***

OK! I’ll be sending out a discount code to my list, but that probably won’t happen until next week. Rather than make everyone wait, you can get it NOW for $10!
Keith Ciaramello gives an overview of tattoo safety cartridge technology, and uses seven popular brands as examples. This informational video is designed for consumers and manufacturers alike. The hope is to elevate the awareness of safety cartridge construction, quality and materials, so that the products can improve more rapidly in a constructive, creative setting. (Running time Aprox. 2 hours 30 min).


Sign the petition!!!


New laws have been passed in NY effective December 12th that will require the used of single use prepackaged ink cups instead of the usual disposable ink caps.



To: Senator Carlucci, NYS Department of Health, Governor Cuomo, Assemblyman Zebrowski and whomever else it may concern,

This petition is regarding the wording on the new tattoo laws that were passed, bill S1421-2015. The wording regarding single use inks is complicated and may lead to completely unnecessary and expensive measures.


The standard procedure by any properly trained tattoo artist involves purchasing large bottles of inks, and pouring them into small plastic, single use, disposable “ink caps”, just enough for the procedure, which are thrown away during clean up. The original large bottle is to be stored away from the client and the work station, and therefore away from any possibility of contamination.

The way the law reads now, would not work with these proven safe, common-practice procedures. They have single use, prepackaged inks, but they are incredibly expensive and not offered by any of the better quality brands of ink (really just a couple brands), and only available in a limited palette. For many artists, switching to a lesser-quality ink, is just not an option. For permanent makeup pigments (which is very much tattooing as well) there are no brands packaged for single use. These single-use inks, are impractical and unnecessary, since standard precautions are designed to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

We would like to propose that better wording would be something that specifies that pigments  are required to be poured into single use disposable receptacles aka ink caps.

Example: “single use ink” shall mean all inks are poured into disposable single use containers, and disposed of after each procedure.

The key to safe tattooing is annual education requirements, teaching artists in the industry to use universal precautions and learn the newest and best practices to prevent cross-contamination and prevent the spread of dangerous infectious diseases. This is already a requirement through federal OSHA laws, which many other states have chosen to reiterate.

Rewrite NYS BILL S1421-2015 before it goes into effect!

The Biggest Dumbass…

The last few weeks I’ve been reading and listening to the writings of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Wallace Wattles. What happened to the great thinkers and doers in our generation? It seems like everyone is in a competition to be the biggest DUMBASS.

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I Like to Paint MONSTERS! Chet Zar Interviewed by Keith Ciaramello

I Like to Paint MONSTERS! Chet Zar Interviewed by Keith Ciaramello

I love the opportunity to bring interviews to you from artists I admire how exist outside of the tattoo community. I’m not sure that statement totally applies in this case, considering the Chet Zar has made a second home in the tattoo community. Chet started very young in his pursuit of the creation of “all things creepy”. His movie magic career culminated in a position at Rick Baker Studios. After becoming disenchanted with the nature of Hollywood projects, Chet made a decision to bring his creepy creativity to the fine art world.

Affectionately known as a “painter of monsters”, he couldn’t have been less monstrous during our interview. Getting to know Chet during this conversation reinforced my belief that he is truly a warm, compassionate, and loving human being. I hope you guys enjoy this interview is as much as I enjoyed speaking with him that day.


Durb Morrison Interviewed!

Listen to Keith interviewed Durb Morrison, arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the tattoo business. The mind behind the HELL CITY tattoo conventions, and the creator of true grips, true tubes, and Ergo-Squish! He’s also a successful publisher in print and digital media. Get ready to feel lazy!