BONUS EPISODE! Clowning around with Scot Winskye and Angelo Grisafi

Pointless Jibber Jabber, but you’ll laugh your ass off. Three guys talking about being Husbands, Fathers, Tattoo artists, and fat bastards. You will learn absolutely NOTHING from this. ENJOY!!!

Scot Winskey

Angelo Grisafi


Episode 5: Part One of a potential Ten-Parter with Johnny ‘Thief’ Di Donna

Part One of a potential ten-parter with Johnny ‘Thief’ Di Donna. In part one Johnny tells it like it WAS. Not for the faint at heart. If you listen to this interview you may be hard pressed (like me) to figure out how this guy turned into the mega-talented, sweetheart of a guy he is today. Set painter, poster artist, tattoo artist and cook. Just listen to this podcast. You’ll want more Johnny.

Johnny ‘Thief’ Di Donna.
145 Main Street
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403
973-291-8187 (Seppuku Tattoo)