The DARKSIDE (and the light side)…

Hope all is well. I know your busy but, I wanted to pick your brain about a painting I’m working on. Its in the beginning stages, in oils. I’m sending a photo of the refrence as well. My main concern is about the shadows on the side of the helmet. I value your opinion and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you


Looks really nice! Be careful of your light source, and the separation of the light and dark side (no pun intended) of the object. The red circles represent a simply lit sphere over the object. Nothing in the dark side should have any high key values from the light side. Look at the color samples lifted from the reference. the brightest colors on the dark side are the medium dark colors from the light side. The large image is just a layer on top with a quick airbrush pass to knock those values back. I know you can do it way more controlled in paint.
Hope this helps,